We have extensive expertise in golf course construction of very high levels of quality. Our consultancy services are not exclusively limited to agronomical aspects of soil, water and turf; we also offer our expertise in the preparation of technical specifications and bills of quantities, tendering process, including tender package and contractor selection. In collaboration with the engineers, we plan and supervise the irrigation and drainage system installation.


Our vast experience with warm season and cold season grasses allows us to advise and recommend efficiently, considering all the agronomical aspects of the grass.

  1. We have extensive expertise in golf course construction, in addition to renovations and maintenance.
  2. We have worked in very different climate zones, which has provided us with experience in recycled irrigation water use, as well as high salinity water.

  1. We provide professional, independent consultancy, collaborating with the golf course designers, developers, golf club managers and golf course superintendents to achieve the goals and expectations.
  2. We evaluate, analyse and provide a rigorous assessment to achieve the optimum standard of game quality.

 Construction Projects


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