Our collaboration is from day one of the project and with the whole team.  We advise our clients and help define the renovation project parameters. We liaise with the course managers and technical team to comply with the quality, planification and most importantly budgetary requirements.

  1. Assist golf course designer in defining concept and theme.
  2. Ensure application of all necessary agronomical recommendations and specifications.
  3. Develop sustainable maintenance specifications in compliance with the design.
  4. Review drainage and irrigation design.
  5. Advice on soil and irrigation water, based on specific analysis.

  1. Material selection and analysis for USGA specifications greens.
  2. Topsoil and root zone analysis, to suit quality control.
  3. Advice on construction methods and specifications.
  4. On-site coordination, quality control and progress assessment.
  5. Supervision of grass growth and establishment.

 Renovation Projects

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